When I started with CoachedbyTZ, I was focused on changing my lifestyle. Within a month of her coaching I saw changes that made me decide I wanted to compete, after a discussion with coach TZ we decided to go for it . The rest is history.

Within my first year of committed coaching and trusting her completely, TZ and I won my first show, achieved placings I wouldn’t have imagined and won the USN Face of Fitness. She also taught me valuable lessons on placings which I believe a coach should tell their clients who start off for the first time. It’s not winnings, it’s a journey 

For me she is not just a coach, she is a mentor and friend, who strives to ensure the best in anyone who joins her team. Her meticulousness to diet and training, leaves no doubt in my mind that I made the best decision stepping into my fitness career with her by my side.



*My journey with Team TZ*❤️

I joined team TZ early this year in January.

I was blessed with a great opportunity to work with her and I always make sure that I work hard to achieve our goals together, at times it not easy but it's always worth it. Team TZ are very supportive, loving and caring for each one of us.

This is only the beginning of great thing, at my first show this year I placed 2nd, my conditioning has changed like crazy and am loving it. Having a coach who has the knowledge of how your body should be is amazing. 

*I will always be part of Team TZ I love and appreciate everything about the team*.



When I started with coachedbytz in December 2018 I had been in my worst shape physically and mentally. Being a competitive athlete I had always struggled to find my happy-medium between competition prep and living a lifestyle of a seasoned athlete. I had a horrible relationship with food and an even worse relationship with my body. Tarryn is so different to other coaches because she engages with me on multiple dimensions of my being; physical, mental and spiritual. Few people understand how imperative the mind is to weight loss and health. Tarryn helped me make one of the most significicant transformations of my life because it wasn’t just how she changed my body and helped me lose 15kgs which I picked up from emotional-eating; but she also transformed my mental state and because she tapped into my mind and emotions and cared for me like a friend; I was able to break my unhealthy cycles and have become the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. After 4 months, a 15kg weight loss and mind-shift she has rectified my metabolism and I’ll be stepping on the Arnolds stage once again because she has managed to get me into the best condition of my life.



To my dear coach ... I have been trying to find the words to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. 

Thank you so, so much - you have helped me realise a dream that I have carried silently for so many years. I still remember when we chatted in January we were not sure whether I should compete in April or June, but when you said to me “I will make sure you are ready for April” and this will be “easy game” I decided to put all my trust in you. 

You are amazing ...it takes someone special to do what you do. It takes someone remarkable to help others achieve their dreams and to reach for an inner strength they did not know they had or that had been lost along the journey of life. 

I never doubted you. I knew that when I chose you to be my coach that you would be the one to help me realize a dream that has been crippled by fear and lack of self believe. But I never in my wildest dreams expected the results I achieved at the 2019 Millennium Gold Plate, placing 1st in the Bikini Fitness over 35 category. The feeling of achievement, pride and relief flooded into my mind when my name was called out. But most of all I was able to see through a commitment and promise I made to myself. Being a mom, wife and career woman it is so easy to forget to do something for myself. 

It took so much sacrifice, commitment, tears, happiness, exhaustion - so much physical and mental excursion. 

And I realized that even if you have a dream, you need amazing people around you that you trust, that support you, that only want the best for you. And who can see something in you that you can’t see in yourself, and who keep reminding you of that. 

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart - thank you so, so much.  You have been that person. 🤗💕😘