We at CoachedByTZ focus on having the healthiest and most effective approach possible for your road to stage.

CoachedByTZ is a highly competitive team of women who have experienced being on stage ourselves, and therefor we can relate to every part of your journey.

We put our clients' dreams on paper and lead them every step of the way untill their dreams become a reality.

We pride ourselves in coaching female athletes in ALL different federations, from Bikini, Bikini Fitness, Body Fitness to Physique.



CoachedByTZ offers a 3 month program (that can be extended) for woman in persuit of a healthy, livable/ maintainable lifestyle.  

We build meal  & training plans to suit your day-to-day life and give you the meal options to keep your dieting exciting.

Changing your lifestyle doesn't have to be a hassle or difficult to maintain.  You just need the right coach and team to show you how easy and great it could really be.



Something new to our CoachedByTZ Packages!

We are now offering online coaching for STUDENTS.

Students presenting their valid student card will receive an affordable rate.

Our students can sign up here for transformations, competition preps or even just those that are trying to find their feet in the gym and need a reliable shoulder to lean on and be accountable to.



 If you are an athlete and have competed on a few occasions, then you will understand the IMPORTANCE of an offseason program.

The purpose of an "offseason" is to focus on each individuals weaknesses and overall aesthetic package.

These programs are customized to the individual and also comes with a very important reverse dieting technique to prevent you from picking up all of that weight after show, that you worked so hard to loose.

We will teach your body how to offseason with a healthy calorie intake, and without gaining excessive bodyfat in the process, while still making some neccesary offseason gains and improvements.




 BootyByTZ is designed specifically for females, as an online strength and conditioning program.

Our workouts are designed to fit into your week and suit those with a busy schedule, in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE!

Our workouts can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced woman, all over the world.

CoachedByTZ (being coaches of females only) have an OBSESSION with building PEACHY Booty's.  So we came up with an online based system which is totally different from anything you've EVER seen before.

Go to our BootyByTZ website by clicking the "SIGN UP" link below for more information.


 Needing a hand holding, ass kicking BODY TRANSFORMATION??

This package is ideal for those who feel they need weekly check-ins and day-to-day communication to keep them motivated.

This is ideally a 12 week package, but clients are allowed to extend their packages at the end of the 12 week period.

Please note that these are seasonal challenges, so please keep a lookout on our CoachedbyTZ Instagram page for any upcoming challenges.

(We also have pre designed Transformation Challenges in our store (eBook format), that you can do at your own pace, as your own little 12 week Transformation).


 CoachedByTZ also offers Personalized Training Only Plans for woman who don't  feel like they need the diet assistance, but like routine and structure to follow in the gym OR AT HOME!

Our workouts are set up on our Online App for you to follow and track your progress daily.



Do you feel like you have your training routine mastered, but you are lacking the knowledge on the nutrition side of things, OR you just want some new ideas?  Our Nutrition Only Plans are drawn up to suit your lifestyle and your goals.

Can you relate to this?  Then this package is FOR YOU!