Do CoachedByTZ only work with athletes or women wanting to compete?

CoachedbyTZ have 3 different coaches working side by side to put together the most accommodating plans for each persons individual goals. We do not JUST work with athletes, we work with lifestyle clients, weight loss clients, fitness clients, strength and endurance clients even clients who want to gain weight or muscle. Each coach in the stable has their own specialty and depending on what your main goal is there will be a coached trained in that area just for you!


Are we guaranteed progress on these programs?

If you are willing to put in the work and follow your plan then whose to say you wont ? We taylor make plans specifically for you, that will work if done correctly- however coachedbytz can only show you the door, you actually have to walk through the door. Nobody can do that part for you.


If I find a training plan to easy, can I add my own exercises at the end of the workout?

NO! coachedbytz plans are made how they are for a reason. Remember sometimes “less is more” We as coaches put together programs as we see fit for each person. Do not try to change it! Just follow the plan and trust the process.


If I fall off the wagon on my diet, what should I do?

We are all humans, therefore this is bound to happen at some point! If it does, DO NOT beat yourself up and dwell on it. It wont change it. Use that day as your cheat day, or carb up day and tomorrow jump back onto your meal plan and get back to your program. DO not go and kill yourself with excess cardio and extra training to try and fix everything.


If I'm going on holiday before my 3 month contract is up, do you hold our slots till when we return from holiday?

Remember, the whole purpose of online training is that you can take your program wherever you go in the world! That’s what is so great about it. SO even if you are on holiday you can continue with your plan, However if there is no gym and you know there will be absolutely no way of getting your program done, we will work with you as best as we can and shift your plan to the date you return from holiday.


If we are beginners and find it impossible to complete the entire workout provided on the app, what should we do?

I always say ‘ start where you are and with what you have’
Do what you can, but push yourself to do as much as you can. If you simply cannot complete the workout, track your progress on the app and the following week push yourself a little bit further through the workout. Each week make sure you are progressing. Don’t beat yourself up over unfinished workouts.