CoachedByTZ,  South Africa's  leading Female Only Fitness Coaching Team, first planted roots in the industry in 2014!

Founded by Tarryn Zelow, better known as CoachTZ.

CoachTZ worked side by side with a male coach for many years where in 2018 she decided to branch off and become an ALL FEMALE brand. 

Growing up, CoachTZ had an undying passion for nutrition and sports and on top of that her close friends and family always knew her as ‘a rescuer’ as she lived to help people succeed. She was a giver! 

Over the years, she developed, matured and became wiser. She stepped up and grabbed her dreams with a tight grip.  As a competitor and a very passionate one at that, she understood the road traveled in fitness. She knew what it took, she knew the process and she knew the mental strength one needed to transform, so she decided to reach out and guide those who too had a passion for fitness as well as those who just wanted to take the next step to a healthier lifestyle. 

In 2018 CoachTZ brought on her golden girl, IFBB ELITE PRO ATHLETE Shelby Neves to work side by side with her. She shared her knowledge and her years of experience with Shelby and together they grew their brand from the heart out! 


In 2019 CoachTZ decided to take on a new golden girl, Anél Coetzee who is a 7 year competing athlete, nutritionist and personal trainer to join Her and Shelby in the coaching panels of CoachedByTZ, to guide and lead their team.


Together these 3 girls combine years of experience and knowledge to share with the world!